Summer in Full Swing

Summer in Full Swing

We are now officially in summer mode! This means beach, barbeques, boats and more outdoor fun.  Just as we mentioned in our last post, the events throughout the city have kicked off and everyone is in great spirits.  What better place than Boston to have your next company outing?  The locations and venues are plentiful and we have worked with many wonderful clients assisting them in planning and promoting anything from a restaurant opening to the grand reveal of a new store.  Our team offers the whole deal: full service marketing and the help of creating, sponsoring and revealing your event from start to finish.  So, take advantage of the summer months and CommPromo will help you leave the perfect, lasting impression.

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June Events Kick Off Summer in Boston

We have finally entered the month of June and this means beach days are here and the official start of summer is only a few weeks away.  Sunny weekends outside are not the only thing to look forward to; June is a great month for the city of Boston, as it is when the events and various festivals throughout downtown and beyond really kick off.  From a Bacon and Beer Festival to the Cirque du Soleil, there is something for everyone to attend and enjoy.  These events not only give you, your family and friends something to do, but they also have a great way of bringing the community together.  CommPromo has provided marketing and management services for numerous clients for events throughout Boston over the years, and we always appreciate being able to attend additional affairs as well.  So keep an eye open for various announcements for some of the great June happenings in the city, and maybe we will even see you there!

Spring into Boston for Your Next Event

Spring into Boston for Your Next Event

The warm weather has finally made a place to stay here with us in Boston and this is a sigh of relief for many, as events and openings and much more will begin to roll out and occur on an even more frequent basis for companies, restaurants, and other organizations this spring and summer.  There’s nothing quite like an open, outdoor venue to have a brand launch party or a gathering of businesses whether it be for networking, a conference or a special celebration.  CommPromo has years of experience providing public relations services that are tailored to promoting the perfect event in the city of Boston; we know that it is much more enjoyable throwing on a long dress or a light-weight shirt than it is to have to bundle up and head out facing the cold.  The views throughout the city are spectacular, whether you are at an event along the Boston Harbor or you are enjoying the skyline from a rooftop, so these truly are the months to take full advantage of warmer days and nights.  Event management is our expertise, so contact us and see why we have such a high-quality reputation with our clients for any and all marketing services, sponsorship development and brand exposure.


Boston’s Variety of Venues

Boston’s Variety of Venues

Like with many busy and popular cities, Boston is no stranger to the frequent launching of new venues.  Whether you are looking for a restaurant, banquet room, conference center or hotel, the city is thriving with a number of newly established destinations that make for great event spots or meeting locations.  As a full service marketing and event management company, we at CommPromo couldn’t be more excited about these additions to our city.  Any brands or companies that are seeking our services, whether it be sponsorship development, event promotion or organizing a conference, can be assured that we will provide you with nothing but success.  The options for venues throughout Boston are endless, so let us help you find the perfect fit for your next event today!

Pack For A Purpose

Just came across this awesome site, If traveling internationally, look up your destination and see what everyday things they may need–e.g. pencils for school children, simple medical supplies like gauze–and bring some along to drop off. We love the concept!

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Tech Trends for 2014 to Boost Engagement

Whether you yourself are an event promoter or conference planner or you simply find yourself as an attendee, being up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology trends can help push you in the right direction.  We are all obviously no strangers to social media and its extreme influence on how we communicate, receive news and more, and these networks have also become increasingly important for generating exposure for various events and conferences throughout the country.

So, what can you do if you are in the marketing field and strive to generate as much engagement and the best experience for those who are attending your event?  A recent article emphasized the various new and popular technologies that allow conference goers to really get the most out of their experience, communicate with others and ultimately make the event a bigger success.

Event promoters and conference planners should obviously use Facebook, Twitter and Goolge+ to their advantage to invite followers as well as share important information and updates beforehand, but the social interactions can continue afterwards as well.  Creating a private forum or group where attendees can share their reactions and opinions about a specific event or conference can spark great connections and future opportunities.

Interactive software has also become increasingly popular and more widely used at conferences; this allows for participants to share their presentations in real-time for those who are unable to physically attend an event.  This feature could prove to be incredibly beneficial when utilized, as you are opening yourself up to an even wider audience and sharing your words and stance to  much greater territory.

Another tech trend suggestion for those who are coordinating conferences and events is to create mobile-friendly online brochures and event guides.  These references are perfect for the average attendee; someone who is dependent on their cell phone or tablet and can easily access a guide with the swipe of a screen.  You are putting more information at the attendee’s fingertips and creating a long-lasting reference for them even after the event is over.

Take some time to consider some of these new trends and continue to utilize those that have already built a foundation online in the way we communicate.  The more interactions and engagements you have from attendees, the better, and the more likely you are to offer a last impression for your event or conference’s message.


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Connecting for Change

CommPromo is excited to announce that we are working with the Marion Institute on their 10th anniversary event, Connecting for Change. This event is one that is recognized internationally and brings environmental, industry and social justice supporters together to promote the importance of farming, health, green thinking, women and youth empowerment, and much more.  This event helps support and generate a movement towards healing our world and making the earth a better place.

Save the date! Oct 24-26 in New Bedford, MA.

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The Time Machine, 25 Years Later

The Time Machine, 25 Years Later

The Boston Children’s Museum (BCM) just celebrated its 100th anniversary year with a series of events that further cemented its place as the go-to destination for parents and children in the Boston area. CommPromo was around for the Children’s Museum’s 75th anniversary, and we had the privilege of working with them on that landmark gala. We transformed the elevator at the front of the museum into a time machine, transporting guests to different decades on each floor with entertainment and décor from each time period. It was decidedly analog.

Here we are 25 years later, and CommPromo once again had the opportunity to work with BCM on the launch of their 100th anniversary. Events included an Early Childhood Summit in April, which drew 400 educators, policy leaders, and pediatricians to the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. We also helped conceptualize and produce Family Fest, a day-long public celebration at the museum that included “What’s Cookin’ on the Wharf,” a series of chef demos with local celebrities Ming Tsai and Joanne Chang.

Not only is BCM a national leader in early childhood education, having been awarded the 2013 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, but it also continues to embrace the role of ensuring that the next generation is empowered to be their most creative, innovative selves. “The Power of Play,” BCM’s new mission statement, confirms that play is a key part of the development of the childhood brain. Play is championed as the liberating, imaginative, and brain-developing activity that it is.

Twenty-five years ago, the Children’s Museum was the first place that I saw a recycling center, where children enjoyed playing with cardboard, plastic widgets, and other recycled manufactured goods. Today, BCM is still on the cutting edge of helping the next generation be all that it can be. Kudos to 100 years of this great institution, founded by teachers of the Boston Public Schools.

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Greening Your Event

Greening Your Event

CommPromo has produced events in a variety of venues, within a range of budgets, and for clients in multiple industries. We know the impact events can have if resources are not considered in advance and planning isn’t approached in a creative way.

We produced Down:2:Earth (D2E) for three years in Boston as a destination for consumers concerned about our impact on the environment and a showcase for companies offering “green” choices. We worked with a board of advisors in developing the event, and we educated ourselves along the way about how to reduce the impact of the three-day celebration – physically and through our messaging. Afterall, what good was telling people they should assess their purchasing behaviors and activities if we weren’t doing the same things in how we delivered that information?

So we created a set of guidelines – that we added to along the way – in how to reduce the impact of D2E. Now, we keep this guide in mind when producing any of our clients’ events, and we make budget- and eco-conscious choices as a matter of course. Greening an event doesn’t always have to cost more, and we help our clients see the benefits (sometimes financial) of choosing a more sustainable course.

We’re always excited to work with our clients to develop a customized plan that fits individual needs, but here are just a few things we do that you may consider when planning your event.

Venue selection                                                         

  • Choose an event location accessible for attendees via public transportation and offer discounts for those who use it.
  • Optimize locations with natural daylight and the accessibility of outdoor space to minimize power usage.


  • Reduce printed communication; post materials online that you would otherwise distribute in hard copy.
  • Design event signage on durable recycled material and without specific dates so that it can be reused for a recurring event.

Energy Consumption

  • Choose production resources and vendors that agree to reduce their energy consumption in transportation, shipping, and materials selection.
  • Select local vendors (food and others) that are located and that source within a 30 miles radius of your event city.
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