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Greening Your Event

Greening Your Event

CommPromo has produced events in a variety of venues, within a range of budgets, and for clients in multiple industries. We know the impact events can have if resources are not considered in advance and planning isn’t approached in a creative way.

We produced Down:2:Earth (D2E) for three years in Boston as a destination for consumers concerned about our impact on the environment and a showcase for companies offering “green” choices. We worked with a board of advisors in developing the event, and we educated ourselves along the way about how to reduce the impact of the three-day celebration – physically and through our messaging. Afterall, what good was telling people they should assess their purchasing behaviors and activities if we weren’t doing the same things in how we delivered that information?

So we created a set of guidelines – that we added to along the way – in how to reduce the impact of D2E. Now, we keep this guide in mind when producing any of our clients’ events, and we make budget- and eco-conscious choices as a matter of course. Greening an event doesn’t always have to cost more, and we help our clients see the benefits (sometimes financial) of choosing a more sustainable course.

We’re always excited to work with our clients to develop a customized plan that fits individual needs, but here are just a few things we do that you may consider when planning your event.

Venue selection                                                         

  • Choose an event location accessible for attendees via public transportation and offer discounts for those who use it.
  • Optimize locations with natural daylight and the accessibility of outdoor space to minimize power usage.


  • Reduce printed communication; post materials online that you would otherwise distribute in hard copy.
  • Design event signage on durable recycled material and without specific dates so that it can be reused for a recurring event.

Energy Consumption

  • Choose production resources and vendors that agree to reduce their energy consumption in transportation, shipping, and materials selection.
  • Select local vendors (food and others) that are located and that source within a 30 miles radius of your event city.
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