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Tech Trends for 2014 to Boost Engagement

Whether you yourself are an event promoter or conference planner or you simply find yourself as an attendee, being up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology trends can help push you in the right direction.  We are all obviously no strangers to social media and its extreme influence on how we communicate, receive news and more, and these networks have also become increasingly important for generating exposure for various events and conferences throughout the country.

So, what can you do if you are in the marketing field and strive to generate as much engagement and the best experience for those who are attending your event?  A recent article emphasized the various new and popular technologies that allow conference goers to really get the most out of their experience, communicate with others and ultimately make the event a bigger success.

Event promoters and conference planners should obviously use Facebook, Twitter and Goolge+ to their advantage to invite followers as well as share important information and updates beforehand, but the social interactions can continue afterwards as well.  Creating a private forum or group where attendees can share their reactions and opinions about a specific event or conference can spark great connections and future opportunities.

Interactive software has also become increasingly popular and more widely used at conferences; this allows for participants to share their presentations in real-time for those who are unable to physically attend an event.  This feature could prove to be incredibly beneficial when utilized, as you are opening yourself up to an even wider audience and sharing your words and stance to  much greater territory.

Another tech trend suggestion for those who are coordinating conferences and events is to create mobile-friendly online brochures and event guides.  These references are perfect for the average attendee; someone who is dependent on their cell phone or tablet and can easily access a guide with the swipe of a screen.  You are putting more information at the attendee’s fingertips and creating a long-lasting reference for them even after the event is over.

Take some time to consider some of these new trends and continue to utilize those that have already built a foundation online in the way we communicate.  The more interactions and engagements you have from attendees, the better, and the more likely you are to offer a last impression for your event or conference’s message.


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