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The Time Machine, 25 Years Later

The Time Machine, 25 Years Later

The Boston Children’s Museum (BCM) just celebrated its 100th anniversary year with a series of events that further cemented its place as the go-to destination for parents and children in the Boston area. CommPromo was around for the Children’s Museum’s 75th anniversary, and we had the privilege of working with them on that landmark gala. We transformed the elevator at the front of the museum into a time machine, transporting guests to different decades on each floor with entertainment and décor from each time period. It was decidedly analog.

Here we are 25 years later, and CommPromo once again had the opportunity to work with BCM on the launch of their 100th anniversary. Events included an Early Childhood Summit in April, which drew 400 educators, policy leaders, and pediatricians to the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. We also helped conceptualize and produce Family Fest, a day-long public celebration at the museum that included “What’s Cookin’ on the Wharf,” a series of chef demos with local celebrities Ming Tsai and Joanne Chang.

Not only is BCM a national leader in early childhood education, having been awarded the 2013 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, but it also continues to embrace the role of ensuring that the next generation is empowered to be their most creative, innovative selves. “The Power of Play,” BCM’s new mission statement, confirms that play is a key part of the development of the childhood brain. Play is championed as the liberating, imaginative, and brain-developing activity that it is.

Twenty-five years ago, the Children’s Museum was the first place that I saw a recycling center, where children enjoyed playing with cardboard, plastic widgets, and other recycled manufactured goods. Today, BCM is still on the cutting edge of helping the next generation be all that it can be. Kudos to 100 years of this great institution, founded by teachers of the Boston Public Schools.

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